Okay, so a couple of hours ago I said about the scheduled house viewing my boyfriend and I are going to tomorrow. I have a few people message me and ask if i'm fake because we're buying a house?! Seriously?!?!?!

Okay, so maybe it sounds kind of weird that we can afford a house right? Especially me being 16 and my boyfriend being 18. But the truth is, we can't. We've had a lot of support from our families.

Without making others feel bad, and boasting, cause that is not my intentions, my boyfriend and I both come from semi-wealthy families. No, neither of our parents are millionaires, but our parents have good paying jobs. I'm not going into jobs, because that is personal. When Gregg (my boyfriend's dad) got a divorce from my boyfriend's mom, he sold his house, and now has an apartment which cost him less than half of what the house cost. Meaning he could afford to buy us our own place, in his name, and allowed us to pay off it at our own pace. However, after being in our new and own place for a month, we decided it needed a lot more work than we thought and wouldn't be baby-proof in time for our little girl's arrival. We are now selling, for $37,000 more than Gregg paid for our place, meaning we have more money for our new place.

That doesn't mean we are spoilt, it simply means we now have our own place to be a family and for our family to grow. Our parents realized we now had to be independent and felt this was the best thing for us. So once again, and for the last time for a very very very long time, we are viewing houses. This house we choose, should last us until our little girl moves out!!

Just because our parents are buying us (well, lending us money that we'll pay back for) a house, doesn't mean we are fake and not pregnant. So please do not assume we have it easy, because yes, we have our own place, but we still have to buy everything else for our baby.

I can assure you, we most definitely are having a baby and everything I write on EP, is OUR story, nobody else's!!!!

We're just blessed that our parents released we needed our own place and could afford to lend us the money. Yeah I guess it sounds a little strange but it's all true. I couldn't lie about everything i've written on here and i'm kind of hurt that a couple of people think i'm fake because of a house? :/

Does a house really make us fake and not 25 weeks pregnant?!?! NO.
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Yeah I totally understand why you're po because that is just dumb. I get you girl! so have you thought of any names for her?

Her name is Tayhlysha Alexis Rae :-)

How do you pronounce her first name?


your a fake.
muahahahas :3
jokess <3
but you can buy me a house :(
and dont listen to people when they call you fakeee :L

You can come and live with us in the statesss &lt;3

wooo :3 me you our fiances and babies !

Yes! The houses we are looking at range from 2-4 bedrooms :3

That's a dumb reason to call you fake! A house should have nothing to do with your pregnancy! I get called fake a lot. Dont worry they don't know your story just like they don't know mine. As long as you know who you are, screw them :)

I know!! It's just annoyed me! I guess they call you fake because you have 4 kids?