Relationships During The Pregnancy (teen Pregnancy)

I just wanna write something about how my relationships have changed in these last 9 months.

I'm pregnant and I'm a teenager (18). Before getting pregnant I was dating with my fiance Nathe (go read our story: My burgen king boy!) and I had a LOT of friends.. I loved go to parties and I was a very good student. Me and my mom were best friends and my dad used to call me every single day (they are divorced). My sister and I were so close and we used to do everything together.

When I told I was pregnant everything changed.

Me and my mom argued for almost 2 months, my dad didn't call me that much as he used to do before and my sister was pissed with me. Nathe was scared and confused.. we broke up and I cried a lot.

My best friend Alesana  was the only friend that helped me to deal with this situation. All the friends that I had before were disappeared.
Nathe was stressed out, my parents were pissed and I was scared.

Then I considered adoption.... so we started looking for couples but 2 days later the decision I started feeling Braiden moving in my belly and then I decided to give up.

When I went to school everybody stared at me and they judged a lot. Then I decided to leave school and get my GED.

Finally my mom went with me to the doctor appointment ( Alesana used to come with me) and she saw his grandson in the ultrasound.. after that she told me that she would have helped me..

My sister understood my situation and now she's ok with it. Me and Nathe got back together and now we are engaged and we have an appartment near his parents. We are independent, we pay our rent and bills, he's got a job and now he can support our family.

Now we have new friends and we go out for dinner with them very often.

The only thing I regret about this story, is the school. I couldn't graduate with my classmates and thats sucks.

Now I'm 41 weeks and 4 days pregnant and tomorrow is the big day: tomorrow they are going to induce me and I'm so happy to meet my son.

I love my life but having a child when you are still yourself it's sucks. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I love Nathe and I'll love my baby with all of my heart and I won't let nobody hurt them.

Thanks for reading.


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thats a great moving piece, if you had to do it all over what would you change, and also i think pregnancy is a beautiful thing

I'd change the age I had my children. I don't regret anything, but having them at this young age is not the best. I prefered having Braiden and Leah later, but they are here, they are my world and I couldn't live with out them. With out my family :)