Hey Guys !!
Its been ages since i decided too give you guys an update ! haha, so i decided that id write one for you (:

So for thoughs who dont know me, im sixteen and pregnant !! and i am 27 weeks and two days at this very moment !! Im having a little boy, named Lucas-Jay !! And he is due the 10-3-2013!!

Everything is going great.. :3 We have basically everything lucas needs, and i have my baby shower soon !! yaaaaays !!
He is always kicking, and god is it hard to sleep, but.. its okay, aslong as hes healthy, id rather feel a million kicks a day, then none at all ..

Lately, i have been thinking about my miscarriage just three months before falling pregnant with lucas, and its been getting to me.. but i am trying to stay positive !! So i have taken up some counselling.. hopefully thatll help me get through it all !!

And just wanted to say, thankyou too the girls that have been there for me, and who are always talking to me, you guys dont know how much your support help gets me through everything !! And im always here if anyone needs me !

mummytobe13 mummytobe13
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Good luck on having the baby xxx. Could you message me i need your advice xx