The Glass Castle

This is a book about a young girl named Jeanette Walls. It talks about her life and how her family was and all of that. It's a really good book. She was badly injured when she was 3 years old. If you are on the site now Jeanette, I personally think you shouldn't have been making hot dogs on your own. But at least you didn't stick a knife through your wrist like my friend did. Anyway, she was burned from hot grease spilling on her right side. Her brother grew up to be a poliece officer, her sweet younger sister grew up to probably go to jail, and her other sister Lori...Ihonestly don't know what happened to her. But I recomend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about real people.
fablousprettygirl fablousprettygirl
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010