Reading List For June To July 2011

- The Complete Father Brown Stories - G K Chesterton (Short story anthology)  - CONTINUING
- Roderick Hudson - Henry James - STARTED - about half way through
- Under the Dome - Stephen King - STARTED - about 10 pages in

- Palgrave's Golden Treasury (Poetry anthology) - CONTINUING
---- Poems read ----
-- John Keats  -  Ode on the Poets  /  On first looking into Chapman's Homer / Bright Star! would I were steadfast as thou art / The Realm of Fancy

- ??

Reading Goals for June - July 2011
- Finish Roderick Hudson and Under The Dome
- Finish Father Brown Stories.... I don't think I picked this up at all in the past few weeks. 
- Continue working my way through the poetry anthology... I am working my way through the John Keats section next.  
- Rereads - hmm... not sure yet.  Might just pick things up at random if I get the time. 
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2 Responses May 29, 2011

Glad you approve. By all means, borrow away! :)

Oh, I don't know Rumi. Will need to investigate. Don't know Keats all that well either. Only now starting to "get" poetry, and educating myself with it all.