Sense & Sensibility

I am a boy. Albeit an old fart version of same. But the relevant point of that statement is that I read boys' books.

Not in any macho way, or any sexist way, or even any misogynist way. It's just that in my culture boys tend to read boy author heroes, girls read girl writers they can identify with.

So today, at my age, I bought Sense & Sensibility. How about that gals? Cannot say why. Part of the reason is I'm moving house (and country) as some of you know already. So I have all my things - including my library - in storage. Allied to that I can't order more from amazon as my address could change at any day, depending on house sale outcomes. So today, at the local supermarket complex, where they have a quite good local bookshop with a small English language section, I thought I'd buy a cheap novel to tide me over.

This is it. I went straight for a girlie book. Don't know why. Just felt like it.
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I can't tolerate Jane Austin - never have been able to - and I am of the female gender. She reads more like poorly written historical fiction than an interesting novel. But read away

I, on the other hand, prefer male authors over female. Not that I don't read female authors, but I read a lot more males than I do females. Maybe a ratio of 10 to 1.

Ok, first let me start by saying, I am a writer and I love to read. I love Sense and Sensibility. But... I've never read the book. :/ I'm sorry! I just can't get into Jane Austen's writings. However, she wrote incredible stories that I really enjoy acted out, haha. S&S is in my top 5 favorite movies.<br />
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So, tell if you're a manly man reader and never read this stuff, I'm very interested ti know if you can get through this book. Please update whether you liked the book!

will do.

Update for Loughwenbrau: I finshed it, easily. Not bad, for its time and its genre. (And I'm not intending any patronising there.) But not my kind of book. I cannot get into the genre of tale telling without literary devices and conventions. OK, good sentences, and a well constructed tale. But this sort of book is winning all the literary awards at the moment, and has done so for 25 years. Where has great literature gone? For me, it starts and stops with Cervantes, Rabelais, Sterne, Joyce, Beckett, Nabokov, Heller. Et al, I suppose, but you get my drift. Last year's Man Booker Prize was such a joke when the head judge defended what's going on at present by asserting they would chhose a thoroughly readable book as winner. O how I am waiting to read and unreadabale novel again. (Drifted off topic there a bit.)

I just started reading this. I was talking to my boyfriend about Pride and prejudice. And as a surprise he bought me Sense and sensibility to read. For a nerd like me... this is the most romantic present ever!

its a great book, i have read it end number of times and i won't go rate it as a girl's book!!! it has a certain something for everyone who read it. though i can understand that at certain places guys hardly ever read a book which revolves around a heroine...and it has two!!!! anyways i hope you enjoy reading it as jane austen has this flare to capture anybody's attention who might happen to come across the pages of her novels............good luck!!!


LOL. If you ever feel REAL adventurous to the 'girlie book' side, I recommend trying out Nora Roberts! ;) I too think readers tend to go towards same gender authors. I used to do this. But I think it's because the writing IS/ or at least used to be presented differently depending on the gender. FOr example, the romance/love/sex is presented differently. Adventures are told from different aspects. But there has been a shift over the past few years. For example, by the writing, I would have thought the Harry Potter Books were written by a man. Nicholas Sparks adds such sensitivity in his books that you'd think he was a woman... in fact, some men say his books are 'sissy'. lol. And likewise, I've expanded my favorite authors list to include James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Davicci (or something like that, lol), and Bunn. :)

OK thanks