Night Shift: " Children Of The Corn" - Stephen King

I don't know if I'm going to read the whole book but I more specifically was looking to read the "Children of the Corn" short story in it. I love the movie original but never read the short story. 

Really disappointed. :( I mean disappointed because King should have continued on with it! It was really good! Why'd he stop?! It's only like a 30 something page story. 


Differences from the movie:

* The book starts up as they were driving down the road. Then they hit the boy who Malachi killed with there car with his throat slit.
* In the book the two little kids Sarah & Job don't exist.
* Isaac, there leader, is 9 in the book, in the movie he looks to be at least 13.
* Vicki and Burt both die in the book- the 'children' tie Vicki's wrists and ankles to a cross with barbed wire, ripped her eye balls ripped out, and stuffed her mouth with corn husks. 0.o Burt died after he discovers the dead bodies of Vicki, and the skeletons of the town minister and police man who in the movie is called the "Blue Man." Burt tried to escape the cornfield but he noticed every row of the corn was closed up so he didn't have a path of escape. It is not said what exactly the thing is that killed him except that it's some kinda monster with red eyes. 
* Malachi doesn't die by the hands of the possessed Isaac who breaks his neck, in the story him and another 18 year old boy sacrifice themselves to He Who Walks Behind The Rows because Isaac told them that he told him that the age limit (before there considered 'adults') was cut down from 19 to 18 so they both had to die. 
* It is not known if Malachi was a redhead like in the movie-but there is a redheaded 16 year old boy Burt kills in the book.
* Malachi had a pregnant girlfriend named Ruth who at the ending cried when she saw that Malachi was about to die. She was planning on trying to burn down the cornfield to stop the madness but she was also too afraid. She believed there truly was something out there in the corn...watching them...waiting for them...ready to kill. The last word in the book said that 'the corn was pleased' (with the last sacrifice's.)
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I didn't think that it was a book, he wrote a few stories purely as screenplays like "sleepwalkers"

yes he has a great mind !