Foundations Of Ecological Resilience

By Lance Gunderson, Craig Allen & CS Holling (Island Press, 2010).

My latest effort to try to understand why some phenomena are short lived while others (the ones I'm interested in) persist even under duress and perturbation. These last are known as resilient, and it is that I am attempting to get on top of.

This is a collection of classic papers in the field together with contemporary commentary from the 3 distinguished editors. It begins with Holling's classic 1973 paper "Resilience and stability in ecological systems" which appeared in the Annual Review of Ecology & Systematics, when we were all so young (I was in my first year at university). It shook everybody up and defined the field.

One of the back cover reviewers says it is a book for turbulent times. It is about expecting the unexpected. It is about managing systems, emphasising the forces that confer resilience in the face of disturbance, thereby returning the system to normal operating procedure once again.
61-65, M
May 11, 2012