Ascent To Civilization

Acsent to Civilization: the Archaeology of Early Man, by John Gowlett.

This book was first published in 1984. I bought it for useful background in a young academic's working life. I have never read it from cover to cover (correcting that now), though I used it extensively over the years to provide illustrative material for my students.

Gowlett is an Englishman with degrees from Cambridge University.

The work has an olde worlde title deriving from an idea which so many Europeans hold tightly to: the nineteenth century notion that civilization could be seen as a separate and therefore more progressive entity from what they termed primitive societies.

Also, nowadays, no-one with a broader appreciation of human evolution would metaphorise it as an ascent. More like a jumbled tumble if anything. Perhaps even a descent.

Still, we'll see what sort of a read it is.
61-65, M
Sep 21, 2012