American Sniper

Just finished this one. It's an excellent read and I like the thought of giving my money to a guy who went about publishing his story the correct way, as opposed to the asshat from Team 6 that put what may be classified information into his book.

It's fascinating and gives some pretty deep insight into what it takes to be a warrior.

*UPDATE: 2/6/2013
Chris Kyle, the author and subject of this book, was shot and killed on 2/2/2013 by a former marine with PTSD that he was trying to help. It's a damn shame he's gone. He was what I would genuinely call a hero. Even sadder than losing a hero is that two children have lost a Father. R.I.P. Chris!
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Yea, that's a strange story about his shooting. Haven't read the book but Im sure it's interesting. Thanks

I like your reviews! Keep'em coming!