Should I Finish It Or Not?

I started to read The Fallen Series a few years ago! Its a series of 4 books. Fallen, Torment, Passion and Rapture.
Im on Passion right now, im a lil more then half way through it :) i feel like not finishing it until i get Rapture so i can just got on the next day with the book but i dont have it. I havent had the time and money to buy it yet. I dont know if i should just finish it now or just what until later.
I loved reading books, i have read soo many before. i want to have a habit of reading books again. I have a list of books i wanna read but i dont have money to buy them :( Probably when i do ima buy a **** load books. Most of the books Ive r really good! Im a slow reader so it takes me a while to read a book but i still enjoy them. So should i finish it or not ?
ShesDisturbed ShesDisturbed
22-25, F
Nov 23, 2012