A Hell Of Mercy By Tim Farrington

A meditation on depression and the dark night of the soul. Very honest, and even funny glimpse at  the author's own lifelong struggle with depression and spirituality .  This book explores the connection between emotional suffering and the so often very desperate search for answers on the spiritual path and  shows that there really is hope and light in the midst of darkness....that there really is a point to all of this. A great little read just full of insights.

 "The blessing in the storm is that, sink or swim, we're in God's hands. You will be graced with the disaster your soul requires to find its way home. There is really nothing for you to accomplish except the ongoing work of trust, patience (a word rooted etymologically in passion, in suffering), and surrender to what is. And what is, is ultimately merciful."  

"Human suffering remains what it has always been, the wilderness in which the soul must travel, whatever words we use for it. But I'm not writing this, in any case, for those looking to have their path precisely delineated: I'm writing for those whose maps have given out, as mine did along the way "- from A Hell of Mercy 

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We need multiple delivery points to find ourselves.<br />
Where is heaven without some kind of hell.

I agree with luvmc11, it sounds very inspiring. "You will be graced with the disaster your soul requires to find its way home. " resonates deeply with me. Things have happened in my life that I will never understand, but they have brought me to where I am, spiritually and every other way. While I may not like them, and would even, perhaps, change one, I am where I am pretty happy to be, it IS home. Wow! I want to read this book. Thank you X@

Just from reading your story trailguide, I feel that I would be profoundly touched by this book. Thank You Very Much for sharing this information with us. You may have just played a part in my life changing for the better. Thank You!

I believe that so much in life happens in a way that may seem accidental but never is...<br />
sounds like a beautiful and profound book. :)

Hi Spring :) You know, this book actually really surprised me. I wasn't sure if i am going to like it when i picked it up. Never heard of it or the author. But it turned out to resonate with me on so many levels...and it so well written! I just had to mention it here ;) Hope you get to read it so we can compare notes.