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I have been unemployed for nine months now. I think the hardest part of being unemployed is not having a reason to get up in  the morning.  I try to structure my day as much as possible, but it still feels pointless. It's also difficult when everyone else around you, friends and family, has a job and they can't relate to what you're going through. Friends don't want to commit to plans because they are exhausted from working all week. People constantly ask you how the job search is going, and it's the same response: "still looking."

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How do you structure your day/ Do you just look at a newspaper, surf craigslist, and search for jobs? Does this take 8 hours a day? Do you spend the rest of the day reading stupid articles online that give common-sense advice? Do you feel depressed and pathetic, a lower sense of self-esteem and self-worth?

Do you feel more tired, depressed, suffer from vague medical complaints? It's one thing if you have a medical disorder, although not on wikipedia I read there are solutions are way of correcting TMAU but I was a normal college student, I excelled at school, got elected to political office at an early age, lots of clubs and so on. At that time I felt sympathetic towards the poor. Then unbeknownst to me i have suffered a flare-up caused by a disease which each time caused my life to completely collapse, I would recover, rebuild my finances and then collapse again. As result despite the fact I could have easily attended college and received scholarships and had a normal life, instead I fell into the lowest class.

Once I was there my attitude towards the poor completely changed. I went from low-wage job to low-wage job and I noticed several things, one is the extreme dullness of low-wage jobs, how exceedingly easy they are, how incredibly redundant the 'tasks' required are, the lack of freedom and autonomy and I have no idea how you people deal with those things. What also I realized is the astonishing stupidity of my co-workers, just incredibly dull, simple-minded, uncultured and unknowledgeable. I also realized that the people within this economic stratum constantly complained about their circumstances and yet did nothing to do anything about it. Eventually I escaped this miserable, tortuous existence and returned to college and it was incredible the difference between the type of individual who is educated and uneducated, once in college I became productive, conducted multiple research studies, started a student business, wrote and so on.

The point is what I realized is two things about the unskilled labor market and if you make minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, you work a menial job, than your most likely part of that sector. What I realized is that people in that sector are exceedingly weak and incapable and also that they tend have below average intelligence. So I have no sympathy for the "poor" or the "lower class" anymore and I think the best solution for your problems is to remove your participation in the work-force. Unskilled laborers add no value to the economy, their skills are so lacking and their intelligence of so little benefit their jobs are easily replaced by machines and computers. Allowing you to participate encourages and provides the economic means for reproduction, it is a massive drive on resources and it allows an individual who is personally little worth and adds almost nothing to society to exist. Anyway that's my 2 cents.


Due to a medical condition called TMAU, I am unable to work in my current career field. My only options are minimum wage general labor jobs; basically working well beneath my skill level. Because of this condition, I have no real purpose in this life.

Hey you do have a purpose! Your purpose is to strengthen yourself and keep your head up. It is hard and I know what you feel. I am unemployed with a degree, an apartment, and a fiancee. You can't look at this as then end. View it as the beginning. You are a wonderful smart woman, so please do not give up!

I have been unemployed for nearly 8 months! About once a week a feel utterly hopeless and soooo unhappy. Today I was even thinking, "It would be alot easier to just be done with life, and not worry about the complications, uncertainties, and feeling stuck." No. I'm not contemplating suicide, haha, it's just, those days really suck, and I just take a long nap, and pray.<br />
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Anyway, being unemployed is such a battle! The poster above made a good point though, maybe it's happening for a reason, so you can sort stuff out w/yourself... Well, it seems like I've done it all; therapy, gym, I got my life insurance's almost like a prison sentence, so I guess, keep making the most of it. Get in great shape, read a bunch, think, think and think, but never give up. Oh, and surround yourself w/good people too. ::sigh:: (I'm telling myself my own advice btw.)<br />
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God bless u all.

Sometimes using constructive hobbies helps but if you are going to partake in them, put everything you have into it. If your working out, put your heart, mind, and soul into that workout for however long you are doing it. Forget the world and fortify your innerself. Be like water! It has no permanent shape and yet it is concrete. Keep your head high!

Yessir, and the good news is that in Oct of 2011 I found a job, which I am still working at, almost for 1 year! Within the last year I've gotten TEFL/TESOL certified, gotten back into my own apartment, and I am again independent and living life with all it's ups and downs. I'm so happy that period passed. It was filled with many lessons for me! Thanks for your comment. Life does move on, and things are always changing...and will change...

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Thanks everyone for your feedback and support. I am still unemployed, and have been for over a year now. I spent the last six months pursing a certification in my field, so time flew by. I'm really thankful I was able to focus on that and hope that I will earn the certification soon. Need to pass a few more tests and then we'll see. <br />
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During my year of unemployment, I've been doing a lot of soul searching and trying to discover my talents/desires. It hasn't been very eye opening, and I don't seem to have any direction in my life. I'll start job searching soon, as the certification process is winding up. I'm scared because I don't have any direction or leads. I want to be passionate about what I do, or at the minimum, not dread having to wake up to go to a job I hate. Maybe I just need to be thankful to have any job in this economy. I don't know.

Same here i have been jobless for so long! i hate it and i feel the exact same way that you do. i dont know what i am goin to do

Hi, I am really sorry to here that. Have you got another job in place? Perhaps I could help you? I am an experienced International Headhunter, now working for myself, professionally writing/improving peoples CV either for specific or speculative submissions to companies. Part of my service is also helping people in how to market their skillset and experience to companies. As I am sure you are aware things are tough out there. There are ways and means of making sure you speak with the correct people within companies. <br />
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It's been four months for me, I'm stir crazy with a touch of cabin fever. I plan my day, exercise, job hunt, read, pick up my child from school. Drive child crazy with questions about her day, lol. Being a home daily with my family would be great if I didn't feel so useless. My husband is the breadwinner, by default. He hates it, but is patient until something breaks. I'm a bit insecure about not earning my own money, we were a two-income household for years. Outside of unemployment benefits, I get a few interviews,but no job. It's the first time in 13 years, I've been out of work this long. Being positive & counting my blessings is my latest therapy, until the dark thoughts creep in..... ARGH!!!!! Dont give up. This is only a temporary condition, i think....

I have been unemployed for 6 months now and it is killing me. My wife, is a stay home mom and is expecting our second child. She has no idea of what I am going through, but she loves to push and degrade me. I am really getting tired of everyone telling me to "keep a positive attitude", and "something will come along". I wish you the best.

Well i hav been unemployed for a year. so i get it, it is hard. but u hav 2 c maybe there is a reason beyond wat u may understand n mayb ur purpose is to find wat u love in ur heart n mayb 2 find yourself, while u have the time to do so. i kno it is frustrating. but everything happens 4 a reason.

I have been unemployed before ( 4 months) and i felt like i was never going to get out of my hole. I don' know if this will help though: I had a talent with crafts. I know how to work with metals and i also had a crap ton of beads and what not around the house. I woke up every morning and played around with them and within like 3 weeks, i started selling them online. There are tons of websites where you can start selling online for free and thats what i did. I'm not saying i made 50k a month but i made enough to hold me over till i got a job, I wish you the best of luck and keep your head up!!!

Lifeoutofashes ~ I know it's a delayed response, but I was re-reading all these comments and yours gave me some inspiration. I love doing crafts and always wanted to have a business selling jewelry. But I was discouraged because it seems like EVERYONE is doing that these days. I feel like it would be hard to get into and there is too much competition. Is it possible to have a jewelry making bubble, like the housing market? LOL. :)

I have now underemployed (have a limited part-time job) and am living on borrowed time so I know it is difficult. <br />
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The only thing I can think of doing is learning to settle for a much, much lesser position or pulling up stakes and going where the jobs are. Either way stinks.<br />
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Hope both of you find what your looking for good luck !