Unemployment Insurance Ran Out

Yes indeed its good news for the State! There is one less individual listed as unemployed! Now that I have fallen off the rolls, we might even be able to get the help we need! Of course w all know that I'm just being lazy and have set up barriers for finding work... Oh that's right you only saw that I contacted 3 employers a week looking for work... well okay there was only space to list 3 a week... we needn't discuss the other 24 companies each week.

Can you believe I am now at the point where I would happily leave for anywhere in the country, heck the world, leaving behind my family, my home, my children just for an opportunity to be working? I've heard "Your overqualified" , "Your not quite what we're looking for" , "we've decided to look in another direction" , "we appreciate your time, however...", "Your qualifications fit however,..." , "your application will be held on file for 90 days in case another opportunity presents itself".

Arrrrrgh that list could go on and on
FreefromManistee FreefromManistee
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

I am pleased to announce I can no longer belong to this group! thank you all for your support. I reached week 64 of my alloted 64 weeks and am overjoyed to be employed. I start Tuesday as a Hearing Specialist

know the feeling.