3 Years How Much Longer

I have been busily trying to find work but to no chances or opportunitys have arisen for me since being made redundant 3 years ago seems the world is not a place to work any more and they only take on the most suitable candidates for most jobs. Seems rather un unfair world. Id love to work but seems my chance will never come. Ive done so much applying that i wreckon no one wants me :(x
sweetcaringgemuk sweetcaringgemuk
4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

It;s been along time for me too! im having the worst luck in finding a job now i have bills comming back to haunt i have no money at all im so down

Hey, I tried V-Advance (.com) which has unlimited volunteering opportunities and you can work from home. Because they give great references, everyone that has volunteered with them has found paid work after a few months 9I think it's 6).

I've gone to interviews in which I'm asked how I would do a project. I discussed how I would go about it in detail---WRONG. The firm used what I said and didn't hire me. This is happening to many people. BEWARE, FOLKS! Good luck to all. Firms seem to be going just for the bottom line. It doesn't seem to matter that you do good work or am well-qualified. We live in sick times!

I'm sorry. Its happening to me too if that helps.