Fighting The Fight.

Hello. I am unemployed due to being laid of in August of last year. So, approx 6 months now! On top of this, shortly before being laid-off, I was in a pretty bad car accident, lost my car, and sustained a pretty hefty emergency room bill (which THANKS GOD was forgiven entirely around Christmas - yes, best Christmas present ever ;). I was living on my own, but decided to move back to my parents' house until I got back on my feel. It's been really hard, embarrassing, and stressful. I've lost weight, don't eat as much, but yet I'm very healthy at the same time... I hate this city, which I why I left it...I'm much different than the typical type here. No, not better!

Anyway, I'm just trying to get a good job. Thanks God I have unemployment too. I'd love to go back to the coast where I belong. It's all so discouraging. I'm a very disciplined person though, and I continually strive and don't give-up. I know a lot of this is not flowing, but I'm glad to find a lil area I can vent sort of, and get my feelings out about all the frustration I've felt, stress, and almost depression status. I'm hoping other people in a similar situation are here I can connect with...kind of like support. Hmm, and yes, I do get along w/my parents, I'm SO thankful for them and being able to live here, and that I'm receiving unemployment. I DO realize it could be much worse. Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, I do look for work REGULARLY!
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My heart goes out to you today as I read your account. Feel for you being in an accident and not having a job(2011). I am suffering terminal brain injury from accident, which has left me unemployable because of some mental incapacities. Physically fine only metal plate on part of the head. How are you doing now.

I'm sorry for the late reply, but everything has totally changed for me. I am currently unemployed again, but by choice...I was recently married, and I have relocated across the country w/my husband (he is from here). Trying to get myself together and centered and have just begun a new job search (left my gov job in CO if you can believe it). Thank you for asking!! <3 How are things for you??? I'm sorry to hear about your accident..

Living a life single not that enjoyable without a spouse, and at my age can't find a woman enjoyable to look at in my age group.

Yes, but all women age, no? Or, is it not about age for you?