Employed. Let's Examine The Meaning...

unemployed (ˌʌnɪmˈplɔɪd)

— adj
1. a. without remunerative employment; out of work
b. ( as collective noun; preceded by the ): the unemployed
2. not being used; idle


Yes, I am unemployed.
And, furthermore, I'M PROUD.

- I make my ends meet by staying true to myself and working hard at the things that I enjoy. I am a hair stylist. I run a business out of my own house. I am a hustler, I will clean your house, your car, tie your shoes, take out your garbage, and sell you jewelry. I will mow your lawn and watch your kids and give you rides, and sell you art. I will find any way to make money other than being tied down to a 9-5 job that I have no ownership of. I will make money and take care of myself by trusting that I can.

I don't want to help someone else to get paid.
I'd rather help myself.

thehonorablesushi thehonorablesushi
22-25, F
Jun 3, 2011