Jobless And Depressed

I have been out of work now for almost 2 yrs due to layoffs.  I have had many interviews but no job offers.  I am frustrated and depressed and find difficulty going on interviews only to get rejections, that they chose another candidate.  I have had to give up my apt, and move in with my boyfriend, and put my stuff in storage because I can no longer afford the rent.  I feel like a failure, and am going out of my mind staying home all the time.  I was always an active person, and there is just so much tv, and internet you can do before you go insane, and not having money to do anything as well.  My unemployment just ran out 2 wks ago, and even a part time job as a sales clerk, I cannot get a job offer for all my numerous interviews.
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I have been unemployed for 5 years.

I am going through the same situation. I'm 60 and in late 2008 my position was eliminated. I was living in Cleveland but had to move back to my hometown of Toledo with my sister. I have lost count how many resumes I have sent out and most of the time never hear from anyone. I did apply for a cashier job at the local truck stop and was told by HR that I "didn't meet their needs". If I were still in Cleveland I would have a better change of landing a good job. But I'm "Stuck Here In Toledo"...a small city that is riddled with poverty and crime.

what kind of work did you do? i belong to a great club with great benefits, if you want to look at it let me know, if you do it right the first time it will pay you for ever. 1 thing i can recommend to you is to listen to your wish is your command cd series, this will change you for ever that is how powerful it is.<br />
if you want your life to change, you have to change things in your life. James<br />
have a wonderful day

I previously worked for a warehouse and trucking co, doing clerical, data entry, and customer service. I have been working all my life since I was 17 yrs old. What kind of club is this that you belong to? have a nice day.

Oops! I'm embarrassed--I put an apostrophe in what should have just been a plural ( should be in my 50s, not in my 50's.)

I know how you feel!!!<br />
I am in my 50's and just completed teacher training, and now can't get an interview here in New Mexico. They are laying off teachers, and I also think there is age discrimination. I don't have money to travel to different cities or move to town (I'm in a paid for trailer out in a mountain suburb) and no one has invited me to stay in their houses or anything. I am seriously depressed and have no gas money to go do all the things I like or visit people. I only have dial up internet here. Wah wah, blah blah. I don't fit into my neighborhood and friends and family are far away and few. I am so, so tired of this trailer and the wall of silence(no phone calls, etc.) I seem to be trapped behind. Had to have someone drive me to get a food box a few weeks ago. My solace is books, my Gogol Bordello CDs and maybe this forum.

I am in my 50's too and wonder if I am being discriminated against because of my age. I just got a part time job for 20 hrs a wk at a dept store for barely over minimum wage but at least it is something. I am so sorry of your situation and hope that things get better for you. God bless you.

I feel your pain. I am in the same boat. But I had to move in with my parents. the worst part is, I moved from Minnesota to Maryland. And I had a better chance of finding another job in Minnesota, I just couldn't afford to stay there and look.

I understand exactly what you mean. I know a lot of people nowadays are moving in with their parents. I am moving in with my boyfriend next wk. Had to throw out a lot of stuff and am renting a small storage room for what belongings i can keep. Best of luck to you.

Maybe you need new skills. Can you get a Pell Grant and take some classes? The more you know how to do, the better your chances. Have you tried temporary agencies?

I wished I could offer some words of comfort or solace but I don't want to lie to you. It's going to get a lot worse out there in the job market and the problem is worldwide, not just in the United States. It's just as grim here in New Zealand but at least there is proper social security in these parts. When it comes down to it the bosses are going to select young people ahead of the middle aged and the only solution for a lot of us older unemployed is to organise both nationally and internationally and fight back by whatever means we can.

Yes I agree with you that must be it, that they are hiring young people and discriminating against the middle aged. I did not realize that the bad economy and recession was worldwide, and it is very frustrating and discouraging. I am starting a part time job next wk in a dept store which just called me for barely above minimum wage but at least it is a paycheck and will get me out of the house and feel productive and useful again. Thank you for your kind words and all the best to you.