Unemplyment Is Soooo Depressing

I had to leave my job because I worked with a total witch who was sabotaging my work and talking badly about me behind my back. I went to HR and my boss several times, and even had mediation, but she never stopped. I had to leave because the stress was making me so unhappy and unhealthy that I had to get out of there. Fortunately, I was granted unemployment compensation because they ruled that I had a compelling reason to leave my job, but the money I receive is less than half of what I was making at my job. The worst part is, that was 1 year ago and I still can't find a job. I have applied for numerous jobs and had at least 7 interviews, but no job offers. I am so depressed anymore! I try to motivate myself to do things during the day, but I just end up feeling tired and wanting to sleep because I feel so worthless. Does anyone else feel this way?
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Wake up and smell the coffee! You have been put on a "do not hire list" because you won your claim against the bastards. Happened to my cousin years ago after he injured his back on the job. At least 8 yrs before anyone would hire him. Consider looking for work in a different field or a different town. Eliminate that job from your resume, saying you were taking care of a sick parent. And never, ever work for a woman again! They are only nice to the men, especially if they'll flirt with them.

You sound like your uneducated, most likely have a high school degree or associate's degree. Unemployment is significantly higher for the sector that people like you fall into due to low-skills, high supply of unskilled workers and low value unskilled laborers add to the market. Go back to school or perhaps stay unemployed.

I am an economics major and i think the best solution for the unskilled labor market is to remove unskilled workers from the economy. You tend to be uneducated, commit more crime, have higher rates of preventable disease, receive high amounts of indirect economic aid and in a small degree transfer payments(i.e welfare) and most importantly you add no economic value to the society. What is the value of a worker who pushes keys on a cash register, pulls a lever in a factory, bangs a hammer on a ply of wood? None. You add nothing to society except to be a cheap too.

I think because your jobs tend to be so stressful and meaningless and at this point in history replaceable by machinery, it's best for the health of the unskilled worker and for the economy that the labor force is reduced to largely remove unskilled workers and only included the intelligent and educated. Think of this way, you can be unemployed, feel no emotional burden or sense of shame for being unemployed and do whatever you want with your life.

a cheap tool*

And are you willing to double or triple my taxes and yours to pay for this scheme? You must be attending Walden University. Maybe Zonker is a classmate? When you've freed the unwashed masses from having to show up for work, they'll spend the afternoon burglarizing our homes. I live in Savannah, GA, and that is exactly what has happened here. Welfare checks, SNAP cards, and free phones and internet service for anyone who's allergic to work, and a crime rate that makes everyone invest in alarm systems and big dogs. Give the lady credit for wanting to work and contribute to society!


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In this freaking economy, even free help is not needed.

I applied for volunteering opportunities, and even they rejected me. The reason: too many applications!!!

I'm also feeling down because I'm unemployed, for two years now. It is hard to keep sending out my cv and have nothing but rejection. And thinking that its the economy doesnt make me feel any better, because I think it will take years to recover. I just try to look for work one or two days a week. I dont have the mental energy to do it each and every day. Its so stressful. I do think volunteering can help at least make you feel useful, I've done that and it helps a little plus its something for yoru resume.

Wow, the same thing happened to me two years ago, but the state wouldn't give me unemployment :(. My boss was a witch too, and I had to voluntarily leave to keep my sanity. I've been out of work for two years (already posted my story in this group). It is really hard to have nowhere to go in the morning. Had one interview this year, but nothing working out yet. <br />
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If you have the energy, maybe try making a schedule for yourself. I would get up at the same time everyday, job search for two hours, go to the gym for two hours, and my morning would easily be fufilled. Plus I was around people at the gym. I signed up for some sports a few times a week and some personal enrichment classes in the evening. I was hoping to do evening activities to increase the chance of meeting employed people (networking). <br />
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In a normal economy, it might take a few months to find a job, so expect that it might take longer to find work in this recession. I realistically told myself that I would get rejections from interviews because that is normal--it's not a reflection of yourself. Basically had to lower my expectations given this economy. All of us unemployed people are having the same challenges. Have you considered temp work or part-time? Often, those opportuntiies can lead you to full-time work.

Yes! I have been unemployed for nearly a year i left for a very simular reason to you. You cant fight against some people unless you stoop to their level And i would never want to. I just got a job today. I gave up all hope, just try to remember how lucky they would be to have you. Take care. Ajoite

Thank you very much for the advice! I'm glad you found a job. Congratulations! I know my time is coming soon too. :)

I know how it feels like. The worst part is the need to depend on someone while we feel like we are in an abyss. The longer the employment, the more paranoid I get. And then it comes down to self-respect.

It definately feels like an endless abyss. I know it will not last forever, but sometimes it does feel infinite.