I know how it feels to be unemployed! That is just what inspired me to write this story on Wattpad!I was (and still am) desperate of finding a job!So that is why I wrote this story imagining people would be amazed by it and start employing me to write for their blogs etc.Besides the money, I imagined my story to be at Google books at least but I don't think it's there.

Ah fine, I guess money is not everything because I still need to write more to get better at writing (which I'm getting worse and worse everyday).Just need to write and start my own business... in another category...

I am also not 18 yet but I need money... my family is broke yet not in debt, but I think our problem is just that-that we don't even risk it.. we have never bought anything form the internet since we are too scared of fraud.Though I   know we should step out of our comfort zone because we are still living like this since I can remember. We have not succeeded.We have not progressed, and I actually do attempt of pushing and convincing them but they say we are not the business kind of people...Ugh it gets me irritated when they use other people's failures to "make me understand" that it won't  work!

I don't understand anything about business but seriously! Another issue is we don't  save! We live in a mobile home and we have to pay rent so where are our savings?????Where is the money????We are tightening our budget but we aren't even saving!That's crazy!

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18-21, F
Sep 25, 2011