I Am Unemployed!

I was laid off 3 months ago. I started my career in accounting practice, where I got accg qualification and spent number of years with the firm. Then I applied for a bank to get better pay and industry experience. Only after a year with the bank, one morning I got a call from the director, who asked me to come down to the meeting room. Then it happened fast "due to current conditions, there is no need for this role ..... ". The same day I started applying for jobs through agencies and directly. I managed to go to 8 firms for interviews and probably have seen 10 agencies already. None of them have been successful so far. I almost got an offer, but that fell through too due to redundancy program there. I wasted a month on that - I was too sure I got the job and didn't apply while waiting. Today, I burst into tears, felt like a loser and helpless. I have been keeping it together since getting fired and it got to me now. I heard one feedback: I was too nice! I just try to be open and friendly and I show my confidence through examples. Anyhow, I will keep being optimistic and maybe something will come by. I don't have an option of giving up. But sometimes I think how bad am I not to get even one out of 8 interviews..... In all my life before this I used to get the offers from my first try..... 
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1 Response Apr 13, 2012

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