I Am Currently Unemployed Since A Year

It is heartening to read everyone's stories here. I can relate to many of you

I have been currently unemployed for one year. I resigned from my job because i wasn't treated well by my colleages or boss, a situation compounded by the fact i was the only woman in my workplace :( I got through this company from my campus recruitment programme. Little did i know this was just a wrong job fit :(

Due to some personal circumstances, I have been unable to get back on the job scene at all. I've applied so many times , but never get the call back.
Currently, I am facing some hard times (had a surgery recently and a break up too :( Life just seems to add to my current list of problems I already have.

I feel so left out when I hear about my friends getting a promotion or getting hitched/married. Some days it's not easy to function at all, as it feels whatever I do won't make any difference. It seems all my friends have moved on so fast with their lives after college and I'm in the same place I was a year ago .

I would be glad to hear from someone who's gone through the same. I just feel misunderstood by those around me. Just need your advice. I need to reach out to someone who understands..

I'm grateful for all you can share. Thanks..
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Hello, between places.
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I am so there with you.I thought at your age the opportunities would be more plentiful.I pray things look up for you!