I've Been Unemployed On & Off 4-1/2 Years

I work as a web designer, and I was laid off from my last permanent job in May 2008. I have worked several short-term contracts and freelance projects since, but nothing substantial enough to keep up with bills. My car was repossessed two days before Christmas 2009. I lost my home to a short-sale in June 2010. I was homeless for a few months, actually sleeping on a sidewalk. I couch-surfed in my mom's tiny one-bedroom apartment for quite a long time. One contract I had last year paid for a car, but that was recently totaled in an accident. I got a newer car, but I am losing another contract today. I pray I am able to keep up with the new car payments.
Amnibo Amnibo
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

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