I am a Christian who trys to seek God 's direction for my life but lately I can 't make heads ir tails of which direction to go.Of course people around me have tons of advice and even some criticism.I quit one job because of unbelievable changes that were going on then immediately almost got a much better job but that fell through.I'm trying to keep my faith and spirits up but some days are so much harder than others.Right now it seems the only life I have is on the Internet and as much fun as that is it gets old.I have time with my husband too and do get out here and there but we really need more money and things keep getting in the way.I would have gotten a semi decent job 3 weeks ago but for the first time ever Ny background check failed.When I went to the courthouse to see why I found my liscence had been suspended for driving my ex 's car to take our son to an appointment.That was supposed to have been handled but apparently the attorney failed to tell us I had to go to dmv afterward so although the charge was dismissed I had to get my liscence reinstated.Just had to let that out.I pray things change but feel discouraged because I thought I had a good shot at another job who was supposed to decide this week and its Tuesday and Ive had no response yet.Left a message yesterday.
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I am working right now part- time.Started back in October.But still looking into child care positions as I love being around children's energy.

at our age it is difficult to find employment...try opening a small retail shop/or child care center!