Unemployed After 24 Years

I am unemployed after 24 years. I was fired (first time in my life) from the textile company I worked for here in NC. There are several businesses in the area but nobody is hiring. The ones that are hiring are really low wage jobs. MY wife has M.S, and I have medical issues that require medication. NO INSURANCE. Used to be, you had insurance for three months when you left a company, now the bastards do not want to pay anything. I can see why this Country is where it is now. Greedy *** Corporations take, take, take, from their employees, all in the name of return on their investors money. They make us work harder and give us less and less. Bloodsuckers!
KHudsonNC KHudsonNC
1 Response Nov 7, 2012

Please contact me I would love to help you and to get in contact with the right people