Going Insane Doing Nothing.

I am 22 years old fresh out of college with a degree in automotive engineering, I have a passion for everything automotive, have a deep fascination with anything that can move. Its love and passion that made me participate in competitions like BAJA and prove my mettle in designing and creating cars. I got that dream job too in a company which made diesel engines, it was a pretty decent job for a fresher like me. the company joining was in July 2012, then suddenly a month before i was to join i got a mail saying market conditions were bad and the joining had been delayed by 7 months and i was told to join in Janary 2013. The wait was gruelling and I used to cry myself to sleep on many nights. then finally on december 7th 2012 i received a call from that company saying that they could not take any people and all the jobs were cancelled, my heart broken..a year wasted and me stuck sitting far away from the dream i once had my perfect life had been screwed up completely and I am now being forced to beg for a job from everyone i knew. IT jobs are below me. I am adamant about the dream of making cars, but now begging for a job is driing me insane and sleepless, I see people who had studied with me moving on in life and me stuck and wasted 6 months of my life. Please help me out i dont know how to get my life back together. You might me asking me what i was doing for those 6 months and I did try to get into some other interviews but i didnt get thru them. So now in this time of year and a bad market I am looking to the heavens for help and i am hating being a burden on my father and mother. I just need to get the hell out of home. My girlfriend left me after she founf out i lost my job. That is the least of my problems.
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At least you are not 30 in the same situation

don't worry friend i am also graduated this year.m a mechanical engineer.and i m passing through the same phase.dnt think so much abt others just keep trying and never give up.
m sure u will do best in ur life.just keep trying all the best.

I understand you. For me though, the hardest part is watching people you know move on with their lives. I'm not sure what your girlfriend's reasons are but you are quite lucky to have exposed herself early in your relationship. Hang on there. You'll get through this phase.