Unemployed After 21+ Years With Same Employer!!!

I just quit my job after being employed by the same employer for 21+ years. My employer is a doctor. He just kept pushing and pushing me. I know he wanted me to quit because he didn't want to fire me. He kept complaining how broke he is. Never mind that he just bought a home that cost him almost 1 million, settled a divorce with wife #2, now has a new girlfriend who I knew she would be the end of my job and/or my other employees jobs. I was his office manager. I was very hard working and loyal to this doctor but no matter it did end up being me losing my job!!!!

It is also very painful because one of my employees was also my friend or at least I thought she was my friend. I have protected her job for the past 5 years because this doctor was always wanting me to fire her and even wanted me to fire her a couple days prior to me giving up and quitting. Now she still has her job with this verbally abusive doctor and I have no job. Though everyone I talk to tells me I am better off not working for him it still hurts especially when my so-called friend hasn't spoken to me since I left. I mean what is that all about???

It has only been a few weeks but I feel like it has been forever. I feel like I have gone through a divorce after working this many years for the same person. Just feels very weird. Totally depressing.
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Hi, 2013unemployed,
You probably don't recognize me because of the new persona I've taken on. Maybe you'll recognize me by some of my older names. I am the present '2013unemployedguy'(changed my name for privacy), the former '2011unemployedguy', aka '2008unemployedguy', 'late-2003unemployedguy', '2001unemployedguy' and the former '1998transfertoavoidterminationguy'. Don't feel too bad because it seems your work history might be a little better than some I am familiar with! Good luck and congratulations for your new start. BTW, do you know anyone who is currently hiring?

That story tells much more about what kind of self absorbed jerk your ex boss is than it does about you. Sounds like you are better off for not being there and hopefully you will fall into a terrific position very soon! Hang in there!

Thanks. I did just find a new job so feeling a lot better about myself. Going through training right now and am happily trying to forget that self absorbed jerk.

Bravo for you! I'm betting you will have less stress and more job satisfaction without that guy in your life!!! May even find other parts of life improve as your stress is reduced!!!! *S*