Unemployed For 2 Years

I lost my job about 2 years ago. I suffer from depression off and on because of that amongst other things. It seems like my "luck" has been getting worse and worse. I have applied for what seems like hundreds of jobs (anything) but still no luck. I still struggle with wanting to work from home doing something internet-based and feeling like working for someone else isnt in my heart but still need income in the meantime. Sometimes it feels like Im in limbo, struggling to figure out where I fit in and not knowing how to find the right connections to start internet marketing. Unfortunately, everything in life costs money and there are many scams. I have years of experience in security but I absolutely hated it. I vowed that no matter what my financial situation is, I would never go back to that line of work again.... After working jobs I absolutely hated for the last 14 years, I really want to work somewhere that I could possibly enjoy if I had to work for someone else. Overall, it's in my heart to be my own boss but sometimes I feel like my depression is hindering me from what Im suppose to do, or maybe Im not attracting jobs because that's not what I truly want. In any case, I need some income and it has been absolutely frustrating. On top of that I have no transportation which has made things difficult. What has been keeping me sane is that I was able to go back to school, which I should be finished with in June (BA in Business: Project Management). It would be nice to get a "job" working in that field for now, but it doesnt seem like companies are hiring inexperienced people or willing to train. I hope this crisis ends soon...dont know how much longer I can take it!
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I'm going through a similar situation. In September, it'll be two years since I was fired from my job of ten years. I've had to dip into my IRA to pay for my rent, food, etc, so I know about the "luck" you've been having. I've always taken the safe route in different aspects in my life and it seems that I've been burned as well. I finally decided to take a risk by opening my own business! I'm not going to say I'm worried that I'll fail, but I, like you dread the thought of going back to the same field as well, and I'll never know unless I try it. Well meaning, yet somewhat insensitive people, feel that I just need to "get over it" and "get back out there". It's not that easy. I also have been suffering from set-backs with depression as well. The only way to describe it is a giant magnet that holding you back from doing things. I hope things work out for you and congratulations on your new career!

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What home business are you in?

try to get disability or social service help . it all sucks. jobs or no jobs . neither is the answer. nobody is willing to do anything for anybody but a church or other organizations might help. i dont know. look around and get what you can and dont worry about repuutation or anything else. in such a cold world what is a reputation worth? nothing!