I Dodged It For Over a Year

I finally got laid off in December.  After bouncing through 2 additional jobs after my first one ever (graduated from college in '04) got the layoff bug and I got a new one right before my department was shut down....this third job in 2 years was the end of my story.  I was finally making it somewhere with my career:  25 years old and making just shy of 60K in a mid-sized city, I was rolling in the dough with two houses and a BMW.  Wham!  Now I'm owner of two rental houses (which thankfully have tenants) and stuck living with my ex-boyfriend because it's rent-free and there's no way unemployment benefits can keep a roof over your head, lights on, a car payment and food on the table. 

I've already finished with the I'M CRAZY stage of being depressed, angry, complacent, hopeful, depressed again, losing 15 pounds and am ready to "enjoy" my free time college student-style by traveling across the US and visiting friends and family.  It really stinks though because with all of this newfound free time, I'm very lonely.  I realized that all of my friends were my co-workers and without work we don't co- anymore.  I'm home alone with my cat all day and have turned into a desperate "housewife"....I grocery shop, do laundry and cook dinner.  What a waste for someone with a college degree that graduated summa *** laude at the top of her class.  I've been whittled down to a knocked-up-at 16, GED lifestyle.  I can't possibly be alone out there...

LaniLaKai LaniLaKai
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 6, 2009

but this is just one phase of your life. you can change it around and create a life you want. focus on getting a job, but also make an effort to establish friendships, since loneliness can make you become isolated and afraid to deal with your difficulties. search for inspiration and spend time doing things you are good at and interested in. I wish you the best. take care:)