The Hell Of Being Laid-off

Ah yes, the demon economy has gotten ahold of me in it's filthy claws and has been trying to take me for all I'm woth........but I won't let that rat bastard get to me till I'm dead!

About a month and a half ago, I got laid off from my job working as a computer tech in a factory environment.  I loved it, it was 5 minutes from home, (usually) low drama, easygoing, and what I wanted to be doing anyway (working with computers).

So one day I get done delivering some stuff to various offices on campus as they needed someone to help with that that day, and I was called up and told I was laid off but they were planning to hire me back on again when work picked up.  Even my boss, a lump in his throat, said he would be giving me a call in the future when things pick up.  Basically, it all sounded like I was being let go of because there was not enough work for me to do (which was true, lots of time spent sitting around that week calling other people to see if they needed help, finding the answer was no).

Anyway, I'm a fairly conservative guy.  I believe in working for what you own, however, my liberal bandmates, had another idea....."hey dude, you can live off of unemployment till they hire you back"....gahhh!!! 

So for about a month, I collected unemployment while laborously hunting for work from all over the place, and eventually, found a job installing printers for a chain of banks....BIG MISTAKE!

The company running the whole shindig was a disorganized mess.  I was getting paperwork for TWO WEEKS, half of which was stuff they forgot to or did not send when I needed it, another part of it because my e-mail provider screwed up and did not download an attachment that I thought it did.  

Oh, but the fun does not start there.  So I had to get drug tested, they sent the kit, and FedEx said they could not deliver it because there was no apartment number on it.  So I spent 5 hours on the phone trying to get in touch with a live human being, finally giving up and working through their much simpler laybringth of crap on the internet to get the address corrected....all is well....or so I thought!

So the next day comes, I can't get the ******* test!  My apartment would not look hard enough for hit, would not let ME look for it, and FedEx would not take measures to help, nor would the company called K-Force.  So the long holiday weekend goes over, and I get a call on tuesday telling me I need to take a follicle test - and during the discussion, because I was looking for some evidence (and finding it by the boatload) for the arguement about paperwork, I was very quiet, the guy asked me if I had the "mental capacity to do this job"....which was a load of ****.  Of course I did, and had a very firm grasp despite doing traning with NO paperwork, NOTHING to reference, my former job was harder than this ****.  I guess they did not like that I was right.

So I QUIT! Right there, because I knew I would be fired before too long.

Sure enough, the same day, my old employer calls, says "we're looking for some people for an upcoming project, and we'd like to bring you on board", they sent me the paperwork, I faxed it all in, good to go...nope

It's been seven days, I'm still waiting.  I made a call to them this past wednesday, all I got was an "I'll let you know, your paperwork looks good thus far".

I'm hoping they were just slow the first go around and I'm not remembering it, because it feels like I'm in limbo like I don't have the job but do.

Meanwhile, their competition wants me now, for less pay, and less hours, but I'm tempted to take is because I need whatever I can get at this point being as unemployment is out of the question (as I quit the last job).  I'm scratching my head weather I should just join the other group....or wait for these guys to get their stuff going (if they ever do).

GAHHHHHH! I just want to get back to where I was, doing what I was, as well as I was, so they'll keep me on for more years.

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1 Response Oct 17, 2009

Wow, that's a worse story than mine. I started looking for work 6 months ago, and my last project ended 3 months ago... and I was "reduced". In those 6 months, I've had exactly 2 interviews. I think I have a new job...the only problem being that it's 100 miles away, and only a 1 year gig, so I'm going to have to rent a room and just visit my wife on the weekends.