I Am Disgusted And Discouraged

Hi there-was married 21 yrs. to a jerk, who went bankrupt, got nothing except debt...was a stay at home mom and have been trying for 3 years to find full time steady employment to no avail.  I am 51, sad, jobless and living with my mom...I am scared..at my age, I should have at least some assets...anyone here with similar experience?  would love to talk to someone  Patty

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2 Responses Dec 1, 2009

Just now saw this and I am the same age having similiar problems as I have yet to find full time work although I am not a single mom.Have things gotten any better yet?

yes i am 48 and I know it sounds terrible but i have never worked, there is my confession. I had significant learning problems at school, I think I would have diagnosed with Aspergers or a.d.d. if i was born much later, anyway i married fairly young but that lasted less than 10 years. My son has classic autism so I receive an allowance. Now he needs my help but I could work during the day if I was employable. I can relate to your fear. <br />
I do volunteer work at a couple of childcare centres and have completed a certificate course which i hope will lead to some form of employment, don't know what my chances are. <br />
I'm sure you must have developed some talents and skills over the years. Please don't judge yourself by other people's ideals about what you should be doing, do what works for you.