Wow, So Much Going Wrong!!

I lost my pharmaceutical sales job back in July 2009; I'm widowed with 2 daughters.... I never would have imagined so many problems.. I'm blessed to receive unemployment and social security. When my wife died 5 years ago of breast cancer, we spent all of our savings, caring for her while she was sick for 2 years. My oldest daughter is in college and I'm struggling to help her and take care of my youngest who's 15.

I understand that there are those that are in much worse situation than I. The depressing thing is that I feel like I have been dealt a bad hand: Wife dying at the age of 37, Job loss, lack of funds, etc.. Currently, I'm behind in every bills including Utility and Rent. Though I'm depressed, I have to be there to support my daughters since their mother is no longer here.

Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated. And if you have any numbers who I can call to assist me financially. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

marylandman marylandman
41-45, M
Feb 8, 2010