mhmm.. well i need advice XP....

so can you tell me any suggestions. I'll be posting up chapters one by one as i finish them. TBD= to be decided btw

also if anyone wants to contribute names for characters and personalities that be great.
idk what the main character will be called yet: for now i just have the placeholder name "wolf" but i need another name, b/c idk whether that is a good name or not =.= and i don't think it is
Main Plot:
The depression that (main character) goes through eventually gets to a point where he decides to die in a month....
But every week before the day he set to die, he decided that he would write a letter at the end of every week.... So 4 letters in total, bc its 28 days
And before he died he would write one last letter.... (the fifth one)

The 4 letters were each addressed to diff ppl... And each of those ppl use to torment (main character).... those 4 were ppl that directly tormented (mc), indirectly, or tormented others for their own amusement.

The 5th letter would be a mystery. The letter is cryptic/unclear in meaning. But its addressed to a random girl at school and no one knows why…

Story Name: One Month Left... (official title tbd XP)

Ch 1. Background (tbd)

Alone… Heh… Who needs those idiots anyways…

This hopeless, unreasonable, and irrational world is [trash].

It has no [freaking] meaning. Everyone, everywhere are simply vulgar, stupid creatures- even me… Humans are idiotic creatures with no meaning in life, and that will never change. No matter how hard we humans think about how perfect, how smart, or how amazing we are, we are in the end just scums living on the Earth.

Greed, hunger, poverty, corruption, massacres, the list can go on and on; humans create the very problems they hate. Yet, they still continue to do what they do, and they continue to waste their time arguing about how things should be done! Humans themselves create the cycle of hatred that continues to ruin the world...

This world is insane… Nothing humans do make sense

1 month…. Heh… January 1st, 2020, that is when I’ll finally end this life….

I guess I’ll even have a bit fun with it… I’ll make them remember me…. I’ll make them suffer…. 4 letters, I’ll write 4 letters, to torment them… I’ll torment the hell out of them, and make them suffer the pain I suffer….
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Aug 26, 2014