Sticks Or Real Women?

In a previous time, women with actual bodies were considered beautiful. In other cultures today, they are still considered beautiful. Why do we in America and western countries think we need to be skinny to be beautiful? It's not healthy either. Just because you are thin doesn't mean you are fit. I have meat on my bones in all the right places and can run 5k in 30 min. My friend who looks like a stick can't keep up with me. And really, I've known some physically thin, beautiful women who are just horrible people. That certainly doesn't make them likeable, much less beautiful.

Nope, I'll keep my curves.
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Be careful here... It might be a majority, but a lot of us sure prefer a woman with some meat than a boring stick.

Be proud of your curves!

Not every thin woman is taking unnatural measures to be thin. Human bodies naturally come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are all real. They should all be celebrated. Trying to make skinny women feel bad because curvy women were made to feel bad is just hypocritical and accomplishes nothing.

It should be about healthy, not skinny. DOn't you hate how magazines and tv shows celebrate the skinny on one page and then lament the body dismorphic attitude we show on the next? I will continue to celebrate the healthy rather than the skinny. I am one man who will . . . probably make no difference whatsoever. But I will do it anyway.

I agree with you and also, u are lucky that u are in America where most people prefer the ***, where im from, you not only expected to be skinny but also have a flat bum. One of the reasons that made me grow up hating my perky *** because its not considered beautiful. I used to hide it under everything that i wear until i realised that in America and western countries its considered beautiful. Its what other women desire and what they have to work hard for.

There's a whole host of reasons, most of which I don't understand. Yes, I blame "Playboy" and fashion magazines as groups that perpetuate unhealthy body images of women. My wife says that Marilyn Monroe would be considered "overweight" as a model today. I defer to her on that.<br />
<br />
But.. men and women have real preferences in body type. Some women like bald men, some like bodybuilders, some like "a little padding", some like a beard, some like a six pack. "Tall, dark, and handsome" is the equivalent of 36-36-36 in many respects. Everyone has a favorite "body type". If my wife asked me to point out 15 women whom I think are beautiful I'd point out 15 women with similar fr<x>ames/bodies to hers. That's just how I'm wired (or have been programmed, I guess).<br />
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Lastly- and here is the REALLY important thing.... I think that 95% of what makes a person attractive is between their ears.

I would have to agree. The fashion industry idealizes anorexic women, and a lot of the rest of pop culture follows suit. Meanwhile, I think it's a bit of an "open secret" that men find women with some meat on their bones more attractive. The new book "A Billion Wicked Thoughts" involved a meta-analysis of people's online **** searches and found that men search for "plump" women far more often than "skinny" ones.