These Hips Are For Belly Dancing, Not Baby Making

haha, It took me some time to understand I have a beautiful body.  Ive got weird saddle bags and they actually look terrible.  Its hard to find pants that fit right because of these saddle bags and because my *** is so big.  But even though its a pain in the *** to find things that fit, I wouldnt want it any other way.  I love being curvy.  Its how females should be I think.  My measurements are 28-24-42 (I lost weight and apparently something happen with my chest but its not any bigger, 32-24-38).  I am proud of my tiny waist and big hips/***.  :)


DreDre DreDre
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Yes. You sound beautiful. I love big *****.

Prefect shape for a true woman! I don't understand these guys that like women with a boys body.

I think saddlebags are very sexy, so I'm glad to hear you say you like your body the way it is. Cheers!

Curvy women are BEAUTIFUL. Just like my Bonita Cuban wife. Women do not have to look like 13 year old GIRLS for darned sakes. As girls turn into women their curves develop NATURALLY. They do not look like men, nor should they. All throughout human history curvy women were the paragon of feminine beauty. All you have to do to verify my comments is to look at the Art of Classical Greece Rome, Ancient Persia, and India. Skinny 95 pound girls are no where to be found. A BALANCED feminine figure is the NORM, and remained the STANDARD of female beauty for THOUSANDS of years. Also for most of Human Civilization, there was a direct relationship between female body fat and infant mortality. Healthy and Wealthy women were NOT skinny! Not until the 20th Century were skinny UNDER weight girls and women considered Beautiful and the Norm. What is the result? tremendous social and peer pressure and unnecessary STRESS to look ever thiner and thiner. The Fashion Industry is DIRECTLY to BLAME for all of this lunacy. Anorexia and Bulimia are the ultimate result for many girls and women. So Curvy Women EVERYWHERE, you look NORMAL, Healthy, and Fabulously Beautiful. Love your incredible Curves. I do, my Dad (RIP) did, and so have the vast MAJORITY of men throughout recorded history. The Curves come with the Lady, its all part of what makes women so special.

Trust me I've tried. Specially with my friends. Stubborn ladies. It's the men that need to convince them. Not in a perverted crude disrespectful way of course, though that's the way men think we like to be showed attention and appreciation.

I'm always on the look out for a woman like you. They say you should let natural attraction work in relationships. Well, I guess you already know that there are many men attracted to women who have figures like yours! Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

Dan32 is Exactly Correct, You sound Great to me too DreDre hun, I don't like Big ***'s anyway, Except to maybe Glance at from afar-Off, or to Fill a Bikini the way you'd like it to be maybe, a Slim Waist and Great Booty is the way it should be, something to hold on to is all hun! Smile..XOXO<br />
LUV-YA DreDre hun, Daniel or dtalleyhawk Everywhere Basic & Here too.

Just browsing and saw this.<br />
You should feel good about your body. Lots of men like the kind of shape you have.<br />
The curvy look is hot. Curvy hips melding into a slim waste with a slim upperbody. Sounds beautiful to me.

Thank you ennuye :) I'll keep that in mind. It doesnt happen often, infact even when I was 150lbs no one ever tried to call me fat, they were in disbelief I weighted that much. Thats beautiful thing about being curvy, I hold it in the right places :)

Awe thank you Cyanide! You have a beautiful body as well. Im sure your mom was absolutely gorgeous! If you have pix of her Id love to see them. thats soo cool she was a burlesque dancer. Id love to be a burlesque dancer!! The fine are of teasing in ridiculous ways!

'Rad id never think you were creepy! I appreciate it very much. If I lived closer Id totally be down with being a model for a life drawing class. :)

You have the kind of body I wish we had in life drawing class. It's so feminine and perfect. <br />
<br />
I hope that doesn't come off as creepy. But really! You have the perfect shape!

Here Here! and Amen to that! You do sound like you have the perfect body for Belly Dancing!