Junk In The Trunk!

I was very thin when I met my second husband, about a size 4, it was because of depression, I didn't eat at all. Eventually, I was happier with him and then began to eat. Not excessively, just normal foods. I don't work out (although I should for health reasons) but I gained about 20lbs.

Black men LOVE me! I'm not kidding! They call me "thick". No prejudice here, but I don't prefer black men, and also, I am married to a caucasian.

I get a lot of attention from some men that stare at me, they like my curves, I do have size 34 D breasts. I personally like my rear end, it's very round and soft and my waist is smaller than my boobs and butt. I didn't like it when I was too thin while in depression, my jeans hung flat.

I do have a tiny tummy, not big but it's a small pooch. I'm in my 40's so I guess it's to be expected. Sometimes I wish I had a tummy tuck, but then again, my tummy isn't droopy and I don't have stretch marks.

I want to feel happy in my own skin. The media tells me I need to be skinny. I personally feel that women my age look more wrinkley when they are thin because they lack facial fat. I don't know...

My husband pays attention to me when he can ( he works very hard physically and he's in his late 4o's).

Should I be concerned? My pants size is a 10-12 (full butt)

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

small butts are horrible. judging by what you wrote, you sound sexy! love yourself.

You never said how much you weigh or how tall you are. None the less from the description you gave you sound like a handsome woman. Your husband must be a happy man. I have always admired women built like your self. I am of Latin decent.

isnt size twelve average?

No, I doubt it. Seems to be no problem with what you described when it comes to health.