I Can't Help It.

I don't know how to be sexy, so I end up just being cute. I don't think my face was meant to be sexy, just cute... only because I have a round face and big cheeks. >( GRRR!
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18 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Oh, well thank you. :]

lol well I am sure he isnt the only one.

Haha, well, my boyfriend doesn't count. x]

Well I know someone who thinks so.

hehehe, a girl can dream.

so dont worry about it I am sure you have sexy in you!

Yeah. :] I agree.

That can also be sexy as well. It depends each person to be honest.

I'd rather just be myself, and if someone thinks that is sexy, then HOORAY! ^___^

It might workout you dont ever know.

I'd rather not know what I should do to be sexy, because then I would try so hard to do those things and it just wouldn't work.

Not just walking, but how you hold yourself. Things you do, or how you are dressed up. There are just so many ways.

Oh yeah, I know that. But I have yet to claim any sexy for myself. I tried to walk all sexy-like one time, and my sister said, "Why you walking like that? You look weird." And then she had a good laugh at me. >_<

there are other ways then dancing though.

Seriously. There couldn't be anything worse than my awkward sexy dancing. x]

I am not so sure. You have told me things that havent been true yet.

Hehe, I gave up trying to act sexy, I would always end up looking just plain awkward.

Yeah I do think sexy is more of an action then anything.