The Cutest

I little bird told me that two of my friends have been arguing with each other.

Apparently, each one of them has been accusing the other of being cuter.

I have a solution.

I'm cuter than both of you. I am the cutest.

Problem solved.
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Hogwash...Im by far the cutest around....well besides sonnet that is.... ;-)

Oh for goodness sake! This was settled. I said no backzees, Ediez is the cutest!

I thought it was Kit?

No. It's me. I wrote the story.

Kit is the cutest girl possible ever... But out of Ediez & I the doe eyed pixie wins... &, I said no backzees, which as everyone keeps pretending to overlook is Unbreakable!

I never saw this no backzees stuff! Pfft!

You've super sexy cornered Minxy!

Hang on just a minute everyone! DEG is indeed unbelievably adorably cute... & his moustache is a masterpiece!

All true sweetums. :)

Lmao...I got nothin' guys...nothin'

I wrote the story!!!!


Have either of you seem DEGs moustache though?

It's majestic! :D

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Lies. All lies. I am the cutest. End of story.

^^^ cutie patootie. :)


This may be the truest

Agreed. :)

Ok. Now it's time to remove all clothing and to begin the ****


It's too cold. Ask me again in the summer.

*marks calendar*

I have ways of keeping you warm.

Fleecy jammies. <<< my suggestion. :)

That's exactly what I am wearing. Joey: I feel the cold really badly. I demand to be allowed to keep my socks on!

Oh, Kit... Lol! :/

It's true. I need socks. Big ones. Take it or leave it! :p

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ok. I can solve this.

Everyone needs to PM me pics of nipples. Then I will be the final judge.

. nice try smooth one!

Oh yeah... like anyone would actually follow through. It would be smooth if it worked... but also a little sketchy. Prolly better if I fail....

.I think Layne or Copper would send you pics ............and definitely Goliath

*wonders if Layne has already hit send*

Goliath can't figure out how to take proper ones tho. They're all out of focus.....

Silly boy.


.<-----------suffers silently


*sings whale song*

Yay! :D


Shexy? Are you Jim Carrey?

I don't think so. I'll check & get back to you. :)

There's an excellent way to check. I'll be happy to perform the test. Please remove your trousers...

*level stare*


Wait! You guys really want to see pictures of my nipples? I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


Ha! Wouldn't you like to know ;)

You're so transparent Layne!

Them's fighting words!


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This is all BS! Have you guys not looked at my picture? Look at those big eyes. Those fuzzy ears.

Tell me you dont want to scratch me behind my ears.

Wait... you're really a cuddly bear? Hell... I want to tickle your ears... is that creepy?

Layne is as cute as a button. This is true. :)

Sonnet, you preach the truth! Joey: I accept ear tickling from all comers.

Awwww, look at his wee cute koalaness. :)

I'm not sure I like the adjective "wee". ;)

& that says a lot...

You read too much into that ;)

. & that.

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You're all pathetic. Everyone knows I am cutest ... AND I've been around a lot longer than any of you ... so your cuteness doesn't count I'm afraid ... you are all just beginners! :D

wait, do I get to tease you for being old? I usually reserve that for goliath.

you can try ... but I will just sit here and smile at your childish attempts to undermine my cuteness. :)

You are not cute WIB. You are Smokin' Hot!!! ...& that is an irrefutable fact!

:( but I always wanted to be cute ... :( **sniff ... sniff**

Okay, okay, you can be cute too. :)

**happy now** :D

Funny that, any girl would kill for your sex appeal. But you just want to be cute. :)

Sonnet speaks the truth. But you can be cute and smoking hot at the same time. I will allow it.

Well, if Layne says so...

Thank you Layne ... you've made my day! :D

If I've made you day, WiB, than it was a successful day for me.

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No way Emm! Lol! Ediez' is TOTALLY cutter!

What's going on here? This was supposed to END the argument! lol

. Liez! You're the cutest!

.Hush, you! You're double-cute, no backzees. :)

.<<< wins.

*blinks twice at Sonnet* you cant argue with the double blink!

But I said no backzees. It is written, the no backzees is unbreakable... Unbreakable.

. OMG! You cheated!

*hypnotic double non-blink* <<< big guns.

Nu-uh! I's a good girl.

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LMAO no you're not! She's cuter

Nope. It's me. Just admit it.