A Candle Among A Room Of Shadows

I believe that one becomes an optimist or pessimist, romantic or individual, a lover or a hater based on a combination of life circumstances and the types of people present in one's life.

To see this, take a visit to an hospital and talk to patients with the same types of cancer. You'll likely find some that will be positive and sure they will survive, and others who see it as a terrible illness and have good chance of not making it. I've always seen such things as having to do with one's life history and whether or not they were dealt lucky hands enough to convince them that luck is or isn't on their sides.

For me, I'm what I deem myself as a "hopeful cynic". It may be an oxymoron, but I'm convinced, for the most part, of the selfish nature of people, life's readiness to ruin anyone's day or year on a whim, and the idea that if there is a God, he or she refuses to intervene in human matters and plans to judge us all when we die. I think this is a cold world and those who are giving will be trampled by the selfish.

At the same time, I hope that my beliefs are proven false one day in the process of seeing or experiencing something truly life changing.

In general, my outlook on circumstance and the future are pretty negative. However, I admit to liking people, and every day, I am reminded of my fondness in helping people, being contacted by friends, and seeing someone be genuinely kind to a child or elderly person. This said, I try to separate my views of people from my views of the world and of life.

I've found that my entries work better with a question at the end, so I'll ask readers: is it possible to be a philanthropist, or someone who actually likes people, to be negative about the world, toward the theory of chance, and in general anything that pertains to the universe and not the compassionate individual?

I was told previously by a pastor "one must not only love God, but everything he created and was created in the wake of him." This basically means that we should appreciate the Good as well as the not so good. I get the feeling this is something we only truly achieve on our death beds.
jayjangle jayjangle
Dec 5, 2012