Some Things Are Just Too Broken Beyond Repair .

I still remember the minute it happened and I've been chipped a way at ever since . I'm okay with this , others not so much . 
Loved and loathed into a mangled mess .
That's me , take it or leave it .
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70+, F
5 Responses Jul 1, 2011

Who cares what others think ? ... if you are happy , that's fine.

if your avatar is really you ? you don't look to damaged to me :) lol can you please add me ??

I'd love to know what you're talking about.....I mean,what happened,where,when,how and with who?
And for the moment,I'll take it,what exactly I don't know!

I do not believe you can be broken beyond repair but you can give up and refuse to be repaired.

Fair enough

Thoughts are like butterflies,only catch the pretty ones,all the rest you just let fly by......but if you really want to be happy,then go and make someone else happy.......magically it's contageous!

Is it something you would want to share the story of?