Ohh This Is a Tough One

what are the benefits if I tell my mom that I am a lesbian. Well she hopefully will let me hang posters in my room that I can identify with. I can flirt with my female friends on the phone and not have her question why. If I come home with a hickey I don't have to lie about who I got it from and the best part, If I have a girlfriend then I can introduce her to my mom as my partner, not just a friend. The bad part is. I would creep my mom out. she would judge me for my sexual decisions. I wouldn't be allowed to have just friends sleep in my room. any girl I would bring to the house my mom would think I was dating. and the list goes on. so what do I do.? tell her and deal with the questions.. or hide myself and the things I enjoy.

sindayla sindayla
18-21, F
1 Response May 8, 2009

I think especially in this day and age, you should be honest with your mother about your feelings. If she has a problem with you and your personal decisions, then it might be best to suggest that you talk to someone, like a counselor whohas experiences in dealing with the family relationship. Living in a lie will only confuse her more, as she won't understand what you are going thru, maybe she would be hurtful that you could not share this with her, I am a mom, my daughter is now twenty, she told me something she did a few years back, I was shocked and hurt, and felt I did something, wrong, but was glad she did share her experience with me, It's your life, yu will someday be eighteen and on your own, but I think if she is somewhat knowledgeble about sexually preferences, then hopefully shewill understand that this is something you have given great thought about, and feel comfortable with. I wish you all the luck in the world with whatever you decideto do, but lying is only going to make you feel that you cannot be honest about something that means a great deal to you, and just for the record, moms ar smarter than youthink, she may already have an idea of what is going on, and feeling you out as well. Youwill have a much better relationship down the road, as in any relationship has to start with honesty. It may be hard for her, and she may be angry, upset, outraged, and feel she did not raise you right, but this is aboutyou too, and that is something you both will have to work out. Good luck, and either way, whatever you and your friend engage in, take precautions, be smart, and do educate yourselves whether you are involved with a male or female. Take care.