Have you ever gotten to the point of being so frustrated you can't be satisfied unless you get fu***d by someone my long distance relationship is maddening I haven't been bitten or scratched in so long let alone had s** in ages.
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You poor girl

Yes. It surpasses love and becomes need, obsession, and addiction.

Are u stupid ? Ofc
He wouldn't encourage her if he loves her and if she loves him she wouldn't cheat on him or be with someone else. Some guys are such idiots

I am pragmatic. Evidently you do not get the idiocy in your attack. She asks a question. I respond and you do as well. Your opinion and my opinion are ours. Don't judge anyone else's or then you become open to harsh judgement by others

But then it's not love at all dude. If u loved someone a lot ud get jelly just by knowing ur girl wanna have sex with someone else

It's ldr dudette - way different dynamics if you have never had it

And it's not having sex with someone else - it is having sex

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Just let your ldr that you need what you need

I have he knows but I wouldn't feel comfortable seeking out someone else while I'm attached

If your ldr really understands you he will encourage you

I will never cheat on him even if he did say it was ok I was just venting thats all

Well then good for you

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