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Well I am Danish, 100 %.
I live in Denmark, so if any of you guys want to know, about the country you have some heritage from. Then just mail me :)
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I am from Denmark 100%.

Godt og høre :)

Ww. Could I take you up on that offer? I want to know anything and everything! All I know how to say is Yes I do. Ja, jen gør. (Did I spell that right?)

Well sure I will do what I can to help :)
And no :) it is "Ja, jeg gør" so close :) so just ask me anything and I will do what I can to help you in any way I can

Well, what is the climate like? and the landscape? At least in the part you liv in. : )

Well it is normally a bit cold, but not that much, but it's the same in the whole country :)
Denmark is not that big. :)

Ya. Well as soon as I finish up the language I am learning now I would like to learn Danish. : )

Is that so :)
Well if you want you can always contact me, and I will do what I can to help you


Denmark is a flat and very beautiful country :-) <3
Marcus, fed gestus du der udfører!! :-?

Jamen, vi skal da vise at vi Danskere er flinke, og man kan være stolt af og komme fra Danmark

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