The One For Me

my chef boyfriend is definitely the man for me.. early on in our relationship he warned me that life together wouldn't be so glamorous; that we wouldn't have much time together and he wouldn't be cooking for me very often.  it took us 7 months to finally have a real date and we had to learn early on how to spend quality time together.  he moved in very early in our relationship too, which helped tremendously.  i love him, can see myself with no one else but him.  that being said the loneliness can be overwhelming and i get a little moody about it at times.  now he has a great job and i support him through it, i try to help him type up recipies and listen to his rants.  we are finding that the key is communication and we appreciate and cherish each other very much.  there are days that are miserable, and nights where i can't help but cry.  i sometimes wonder for brief moments if i am a strong enough woman to be on my own as much as i am, and still balance all the energy i want to devote to my relationship.  it's a hard balancing act emotionally.  all in all, i don't regret my life with him at all.  i just lament the fact that i have a very hard time with it at times.  i hope it gets easier.....

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I dont see the point. If you just fill your free time with your own hobbies and friends, what is the point in this relationship? I am dating a chef, and theres not much time for me, and I'm a guy. My chef partner is female. We are relatively young in our mid twenties. I feel that I didnt enter this relationship so that I can be the only one in this relationship. It takes two to tango.<br />
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They say you must communicate, but communicate what? The fact that you need more time with your partner but they can only reply by saying that they cannot give it to you? Their mind is always focused their work. It is painful to a second priority while you are always supportive and put them as your first priority.<br />
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Dating a chef may not be for everyone. I think you have to find out for yourself if you are one of those people who can endure it. I am finding that I'd rather be with someone I love less, than spend only a few hours a month with someone I truly love. The time we spend together is so easily gone in the bl<x>ink of an eye. Ask yourself if you can live with that the rest of your life?

Dating a Chef isn't easy. And I tell you what, the long hours, late nights, and round the clock phone calls and emails are always going to make you feel a little alone. But trust me, the minutes you get to spend together are worth it. He'll almost always be tired and more often than not he'll have a thousand things on his mind. But that doesn't mean he isn't thinking of you. My trick is that I have a ton of hobbies and a few good friends to call and talk to when I get too lonely. Good luck, I hope everything is still going well with you.