My Wife Is Married To One, Me. Does That Count?

My wife is married to one, me. Does that count?  She's not active on this site, but I am. I'd be happy to share with others in similar situations, but I'll keep this brief, since I'm not sure how active this group is?
41-45, M
1 Response Mar 16, 2012

I wear panty hose or tights 24 7. I prefer tights because of their durability. I seem to have a heavy hand when it comes to hose. No use ruining a pair of sheer panty hose the first time you wear them. Gets expensive that way. I love the feeling of them. They are always reminding you they are there as they gently caress you from top to bottom. I especially love them when outside as every breeze that blows by causes that coolness along your legs as well as the caressing. You just can't get that feeling in just pants and I think it is so sexy when it happens.