It's Time To Get Dressed Up!!!

So we are planning a trip to Jacksonville, FL (only a two hour trip from us!) to go to The Metro, from what I hear, a pretty cool gay bar.  They have drag shows on the weekends and I think it will be a lot of fun.  But I really feel like this will give him a chance to go out and get all dressed up in a safe and accepting environment.  What I would like to do for myself is find a really sharp pinstrip pant suit, maybe something three piece with a vest, some really hot heels and maybe a hat.  I've always thought a three piece suit worn right on a man is soooo hot! Kind of like Simon Baker from The Mentalist!! Ooooo...he's so hot! But that's a whole other story for another day!!

Anyway, because all of this is so new to me and it will probably be the first time I will see him all dressed up (I have seen pictures so I have an idea) I guess I'm just wondering how am I supposed to act? I know I know, just be myself.  And trust me I have no problem with that, but I do realize that it is going to be a little different.  The anticipation is exciting but a little scary too.  I have no idea what to expect, which is what makes it so exciting.  I just want to make sure he has a good time and is comfortable.  That is so important to me!!!

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5 Responses Nov 24, 2009

Ahhh yes, it's the same reason why we have to drive two hours! We live in South too many "accepting" places around here!

its not the nerve factor we just don't have anywhere we can go around here... would love to take tara out and show off just no where to go.

Thanks missmollie and Tara!!! And Tara, I understand what you mean and hope that you get that nerve very soon!!!

I hope you guys have a great time. I wished we could go but I haven't got the nerve yet and I stess YET.

wow that sounds great. I have seen Tara dressed up many times and i love it. I would love to have a place to take her out. Just relax and have fun.