I Married A Witness

So far there have been no problems but i wonder once we have kids.
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Just be prepared for a lot of fighting and heartache.
You will have divisions around holidays. Your husband already hinted he will avoid those days. Take that as a sign of how it will be when kids comes along.

let your kids decide, and be open minded, teach them Jehovah's ways and they will grow to be respectable.

I am engaged to a witness... and I too wonder about when we have kids. How will it work unless I do all of the compromising. Will the children be afraid because "their mom is going to die and not be part of this world after armageddon?" That really really worries me. I am having serious second thoughts. How do you handle holidays? I'm okay with toning the traditions WAY down for him. But my brother is in the navy and my mom is a teacher so "holidays" are when we all come together. I want to be present at those family days. AND I want my husband and children to come too... and feel like they belong. Hes hinted at avoiding those days.... :/ ALSO he is disfellowshipped currently, and always talks of returning. I encourage him but he has made no attempts to return. I am uneasy to marry a man who is not established in his actions and his beliefs. He could be a completely different person when he goes back to church. Thus leaving me married to a stranger with new plans for our future.