I am currently dating my boyfriend, Armando, who is a Jehovah's Witness 😊 (a long distance relationship now) we've been best friends for three years. I believe there is a God but I wasn't exactly raised in a church. I accepted who he is without question and his parents adore me. I am actually learning his beliefs to try and understand what he believes. We're very happy and I love him with all my heart❀️
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I think you should just stay open minded, and maybe look into the religion to see what he believes in.

Oh my gosh 😒 thank you for sharing this and I'm so sorry for what happened

Why not take the time to do some research into the JWs before you get hurt, this organisation treats people that question them in a very shameful manner and have been responsible for breaking up many families, causing access to children to be denied to parents who leave, or are ex-communicated, if your boyfriend is placed in a position where he has to choose between you and his organisation be prepared to come off second best.

Thank you :) you're right about that. I never know.

Really? I've heard that some families never speak again if you get excommunicated?

Wow πŸ˜• for dancing? Are all congregations that way?

No one is perfect πŸ˜• some people said that's how they expect you to be. But I have wondered what other people who have actually been Witnesses had to say about their experience. Armando sounds very happy being one but I still wondered

Wow...I'm so sorry for what you've dealt with. I hope Armando will be fine where he is. He's really really into the organization and well, I just don't know. I've talked about the issues we'd face. He said that he loves me too much to let me go and will do everything he can to make us work. I'm just worried about the problems we'll face. But at the same time maybe I shouldn't stress so much?

Yeah πŸ˜… but thank you again for helping. The more I learn it helps me to kind of let it go a bit and not worry so much at my age haha but I definitely will πŸ‘

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