He Is Getting A Divorce!

I met him last year. He had been married for 5 years with a woman he says he doesn't love, and that he was only together with her because of his son.
I am divorced myself (no children) and have survived a very abusive marriage. I was alone and suffered from severe depression the last few years where I also lost interest in men. So here comes this man, he has everything that I could dream of , he is the complete opposite of my ex, he is passionate, loving, caring, we share interests and hobbies and he became my best friend in no time, its like we have known each other for years . 

Since the beginning of our relationship he talked about leaving his wife and marrying me. Now he is separated from her. I am sure this would have happened even if I was not there. However there is this part of me that keeps telling me not to stay with him. I need him in my life, but am not sure if I love him. When he is away I call him and want him back, when he is there I act somehow bit**** . I am jealous of his (ex)wife for no reason, I keep having her in my mind and think of her all the time. If I don't love him why the heck am I jealous of her then?! I don't like the fact that she is going to be in his life forever, because she is the mother of his child!  Is this jealousy or am I being evil?
I know that my ex husband left me with a distorted heart and very bad memories. I am not even sure if I will be able to love again. Yet I am not sure if I will ever find such a man, someone who lifted me up and helped me take my life back, and showed me how to be happy again. What should I do ?
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2011

If he can separate, he can divorce. I know it's a process. Some of these married people are pla<x>yers, using us in their own ways, and some are genuinely looking for that real affection but just afraid like it sounds you are as well. If he can divorce, open your heart to him the best you can... if you want to. It's silly to be afraid of love. But that's up to you to decide if you two really have a loving relationship or if he's just yanking your chain. <br />
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Yes, take care of yourself. I'm not such a huge fan of counseling. But, I have discovered many wonderful books on love. Even if this isn't the Mr. Right for you, I think it's good to be open and receptive to it. We're all looking for such. Fear just stands in the way of many.

RUN RUN RUN........i too have been with a married man for the past year and he will NEVER divorce her for you......hate to say it but my lovely ***** donor has said he was filing for the whole year we have been together and it has NEVER happened...there was always something in the way....now im pregnant with HIS twins and on my own.....just my opinion........LEAVE