Dating Two Married Men

I am dating two married men and I really like both of them and I don't want them to leave their wives.  I met them both online on POF and I knew from the beginning that they were both married.  They treat me like I am the only person in the world when I am with them.  They do not however know that I am dating two of them.  That is my little secret and my extra security from getting hurt.

I am just out of a 23 year marriage and I do not want anything long term.  I love being on my own and only having the kids part time.  I believe that married guys who cheat..well that is their problem and not mine.  They pursued me and they are the ones that have everything to lose.  Don't get me wrong there are definately disadvantages like being alone but with two of them my schedule is pretty full. 

I think my eyes are wide open and my heart is guarded but I have only been seeing the one for 3 months and the other for just a month.  I have never done this before but married guys at least my married guys really have taken their time to know me...have invested their time and energy on me.  Bottom line I am okay with myself and my secret world.


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4 Responses May 14, 2008

The thing is, though, that you don't know how many women each of them is seeing. You are asking for an STD this way. I've seen it all too often. When the husband is cheating, he is so worried about covering his tracks that he does not notice that the wife is also covering her tracks. And the wives of these guys might very well also be cheating. In short, you really have NO idea what kind of stuff you are being exposed to... <br />
Monogamy is the only way to go. Even if you get a new man every year or two, stick with one at a time.

I don't understand how you can like it. It doesn't bother you to think they are f**** someone else?

I'm glad you think like, I mean they are the ones who have something to lose.<br />
I did this before, dating married guys and have some experince with it.<br />
Let me tell you just a few things and you do what you like.<br />
In the beging they are all nice and excited, but then I think they start regreting they cheat on their wives and they might want to get out. and yes they pay attention to you as long as they are next to you, they might call you once in a while or text, but they sometimes return they text when you want becaus ethey are busy with their wives and kids. They will do everything to please you when in bed, but that will be all. They call and meet up with you when they want not when you expected. When they want out, they will just quit talking/texting to you. So if this is what you want, stay and continue to see how it goes.<br />
I read in some forums that some women ahve been in long time relationship with married man which is nice, but most of these women want more and the men will never divorce especially whe they got kids. One of the reasons I decided to stop dating married men was because of this kind of behaviour. They all say they think about you 24 hrs and even love you, but with all thos efeelings they would leave you any time they feel like it.<br />
Some of them talk and chat with you for a while, then you might even schedule a meetup an dthey chnage their mind or even not show up at the meeting place and thsi because in th emean time they might have found someone else to cheat with.<br />
Good lock to you though!

If you like it..I Love it. Hugs, LW